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Kim Hryhorchuk

SPHR / Talent Manager (Southwest Division) / The Kroger Co.

In the fast-paced retail industry, it rare that we take the time to invest in ourselves. Karen was provided a unique and powerful message of self-reflection and challenged us to influence the strengths of our inner female personalities and enhance our relationships with others. Whether Classic Kate or Hang Out Hannah, as females we can leverage our unique personalities to become stronger leaders!

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Lisa Kopecky, SPHR

Vice President Human Resources / San Antonio Women’s Chamber

Karen McCullough’s Seven Women Project not only brought entertainment and laughter to all of us in the room but she also brought a message that we all could relate to that we are normal when we feel internal struggles in our personal and professional lives. She encouraged and motivated us to explore the various women inside ourselves and to enjoy and leverage each of them. She engaged her audience and motivated us all to seek what makes us happy and, more importantly, to be happy with ourselves. It was so impactful that we purchased her books for all of our participants!

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Eric Wallace

Director of Events / Amarillo College / Criminal Justice for Women’s Conference

Karen recently presented The Seven Women Project at our 12th Annual Women in Criminal Justice Conference. These female professionals could not get enough of her powerful, energetic, and informative message of leadership, success and fun! Her evaluations were excellent, and we definitely made the right choice when we chose Karen to close out our conference!

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6 Spring Handbags for the Busy and Stylish Women

Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself, I am the first of the Seven Women, Kate, (I am the iconic superwoman who is organized, highly driven, and an admired achiever. A hard-working coworker, a do-it-all mom, and a go-to neighbor, Kate is the engine that pushes us to succeed in all situations – at work, at home, and in our community) So naturally I am the one who jumped in and wrote the first post- and it's all about the PURSE!

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Wow How Time Flies - Meredith’s life after the book

When the Seven Women Project was published back in 2010, it was a labor of love. My and my mom (and co-creator, partner in crime) had spent the better part of 10 years working on that thing and the fact that we finished was nothing short of a miracle. Now it is 2015. Wow how time flies. Mom will be the first to tell you that a lot has changed in the world since that first printing.

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We Are Real Women- Sometimes We're Powerful and Sometimes We're Not!

Meredith and I began writing The Seven Women Project together way back in 2000 and we didn’t finish and get it published until 2010. In that 10-year span we experienced many positive changes occurring in the world and also with women. So now it’s 2015 and women are continually evolving, discovering, accepting, and embracing all of themselves – and, it’s not just Meredith and myself talking about the complexities of women.

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Katie Gallagher

Corporate Market Director / Bay Area, Brazoria County, & Galveston Division American Heart Association

Karen was a true inspiration to the women and men at the American Heart Association For Women Luncheon. She left our audience inspired, empowered and motivated to go out into the world and be true to themselves. The Seven Women Project even continued to inspire women afterwards our committee put the book to good use and all read it together! Karen really kept the energy in our room going with her witty sense of humor and big smile. I would highly recommend her for any Go Red speaking engagement.

Meet Karen & Meredith

The authors, Karen McCullough and Meredith McCullough offer a unique perspective through the ongoing conversations and research between a Baby Boomer Mom and her Gen X daughter. Each of them brings to the project years experience in women’s retail fashion, business acumen, executive coaching, government consulting, public policy, yoga, and national keynote speaking.

B.J. Hertz

UTMB Health Conference Chair / Gina Spagnold, Galveston chamber President

Thank you for opening our conference! The grand success of this event is due in large measure to the inspirational and educational content of The Seven Women Project. You started the conference with a bang, not to mention humor, and set the tone for the remainder of the day. Your descriptions of bridging communication among the generations certainly hit a chord with our core committee if not the entire audience! The chamber surveys ranked you at the top of the chart (Outstanding Performance), not surprise to either you or our committee. Thank you so very much for your multitude of abilities that you brought to the Galveston chamber of Commerce and the UTMB Health womens conference. Most importantly, thank you for inspiring us to grow.