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"The Seven Women Project is a brilliant, creative piece of work that captures and honors the depth and richness in each of us. This book is fun, entertaining and yes even enlightening. It allowed me to celebrate my personal journey and highlighted the 'shadow side'. Hats off to Karen and Meredith!!"

Bambi McCullough
Chrysalis Partners

"The Seven Women Project is charming, witty and inspiring. It embraces the existence (and encourages the exploration) of the multiple dimensions and aspects of ourselves as women, not to mention gives some great fashion advice. As I read it, I found myself touched by each woman and received several nuggets of wisdom and guidance from each one, while affirming that these insights were already inside of me, as well as parts of each of these women. It is truly empowering and uplifting and a must-read for women of all ages!"

Ren Resch
Consultant, Yoga Instructor and World Traveler

"All of the women in The Seven Women Project are fabulous, but my favorite woman is Donna! Donna loves the spotlight. She is the master of self-promotion and she speaks to me, loud and clear. Donna is shameless!"

Debbie Allen
Professional Speaker, author: Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters

"After reading The Seven Women Project I reorganized my closet into Seven Sections. (ok, six because Hanna got a drawer) – My husband was nice enough to agree to use the closet in the guest room. I loved the book!"

Kim Healy
Love Handle Handbags

"Women who want to be leaders today often buy into the wrong definition of leadership. It is filled with masculine behavior and imagery. In reality, the evolving and new definition of leadership encompasses both masculine and feminine traits. As women, we no longer need to check our feminine selves at the business door. Karen and Meredith McCullough do a wonderful job capturing this in Gwen. Your inner Gwen puts this all in perspective. Allow her vulnerability, femininity and receptivity guide you as a leader in the 21st century."

Laura Lopez
author: The Connected and Committed Leader: Lessons from Home. Results at Work.

"When I first started reading The Seven Women Project, I got scared. I was Kate! I never thought I was a Kate but there I was checking off all of the boxes for her. Then I realized I was actually more responsible and pulled together than I thought of myself. I had only been thinking of the negative impressions one might have of Kate. I went on to Zoe and realized there was some of myself there as well; then onto Hannah and even Gwen and found there were parts of me in these women as well. And also parts of these women that would be fun to access more in my life. Finally, reading Sophia, I understood how one could be every one of these women but the most important thing was to know yourself, love yourself and live it up."

Andrea Evers
Evers and Company Real Estate

"The Seven Women Project is a fun, insightful look at the constant tug-of-war of fashion and fancy inside us all. I teeter-totter between being a Hanna/Zoe and a Gwen. When Gwen gets her way and I put on the heels and the fantastic dress, we have a blast. Then she very quickly sends me back to Hanna (hungover) and Zoe (to yoga to clean my system back out.) It's a viscous cycle and it actually works pretty well!"

Laura McCreary
Comedy Writer

"Funny, poignant and very entertaining, this book celebrates the multi-faceted nature of women. It gives new meaning to the belief that “we are not alone!” The Seven Women Project has provided me with a better understanding of myself and just as important, more insight into the women whose paths cross mine on a daily basis."

Teri Battaglieri
Special Assistant to the Director of the Michigan Teacher’s Association

"This is the best book for women I have ever read. Ok, it’s the only book for women I have ever read but it’s still great! Good insights and I learned a lot about how the female mind works. Well done!"

Garrison Wynn
Professional Speaker, author: The Real Truth About Success

Zoe suggest that we all just take bite-sized pieces. When it comes to relaxation techniques, start small and build up. Start with just a few minutes of something, whether it is mediation, yoga, breathing, or just getting out of the house and going on a walk. Test it out. See how it works for you – then, build up and consider adding more when the time is right. A few minutes just doesn’t seem long enough?  Research says it is.  According to the Yoga Journal, even ten minutes of meditation each day is enough to make a difference in reducing stress and boosting the immune system. However you choose to do it, Zoë urges you to make relaxation an integrated part of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.


One-Moment Meditation (www.onemomentmeditation.com)

One of the things I got out of this video was to just breathe. Practice deep breathing. In the yogic tradition, the study of pranyama is the practice of… breathing.  It is not about controlling the life force, or breath, but learning to flow with it. I believe that we should all take some time to learn about the breath – not just all that upper chest breathing that we do when we are scared or anxious, but really deep breathing from the diaphragm, tapping into other parts of ourselves. Although we do it every day, really learning to breathe can be a breath of fresh air (so to speak). There are all kinds of breathing techniques – varying in level of complexity – that can help restore calm and strengthen us from the inside out.

Happy 4th of July and remember to take a few minutes out of the day and try your one minute meditation and remember to breathe!

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